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Over 35 Years in Education

The result is an eclectic approach to early learning, borrowing from the best model programs and making use of the most recent educational research. Our foundation is found in the time-tested principles established by Maria Montessori, enriched by modern materials designed to address the needs of people in the twenty-first century. Because the program is based on results, we are not distracted by the latest educational fads, but we are willing to try new approaches. As such, we–like our clients–are always learning and growing.

Pioneering and Practical Philosophy

Innovative Curriculum

High Quality Staff

Knowledgeable Parents

Firm and Flexible Management

Girl Coloring
 "Our daughter is currently in the infant and toddler program and she loves the teachers there. She played a lot and learned a lot there. All the teachers are caring and friendly."

Jiajun J. 





Opening Hours

Mon - Fri

8:00 am – 6:00 pm





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