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Welcome to our HeadsUp! Program


 HeadsUp!® Montessori is an enriched environment in which children can grow to fulfill their full potential. One goal of the center is to nurture a "heads up" child: bright, alert, motivated, independent, self-confident, and social. Yet it takes more than an outstanding environment to attain this goal; parents must be involved intimately with a child's growth. Thus, a second goal of the center is to help parents become more sensitive to and aware of their child’s developmental needs, to become more knowledgeable and more self assured, and to participate directly in their child's growth.


HeadsUp!® Montessori offers parents the security of knowing their children are receiving the finest care and developmental guidance available. It combines an innovative approach to early learning with traditional values and the joy of discovery. Since it opened in 1985, its comprehensive services are immediately distinguishable from other child care:

• Care is available nine-plus hours per day.

• It operates on a year-round schedule and is closed only 10 days per year.

• The Montessori curriculum is tailored to each child individually

• All head teachers hold bachelor's degrees, at a minimum.

• Parents receive individualized daily activity notes and periodic progress assessments.

Virtually or in Person
Tours Available

We make it easy for parents, guardians and family to tour our school. Jump online or stop by our learning center to get a full tour from the director. We're here to answer any question you may have and welcome you to bring a spouse or loved one. 

Mandarin Teaching

We value the importance of bilingual education, so we offer a dual immersion program that includes instruction in Mandarin. Let us know your preferred language at home so we can better educate your child. 谢谢.

Montessori Based

Our philosophy starts with studied methods that are proven to increase a students learning outcome. The Montessori teaching method provides a rich curriculum that is well known nation wide. Learn More Here 

Highly Educated and Trained Preschool

Teachers at HeadsUp! Preschool are carefully selected by their education credentials, personality and experience. Our teachers participate in Montessori based courses to increase their knowledge to better educate your child.

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