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The two’s room is set up for your child to comfortably explore new toys, structures, and patterns. The two’s years are characterized by earnest curiosity and a need to move and develop large motor coordination and introduction to the Montessori philosophy. We have low shelves equipped with Montessori jobs, such as materials for color sorting, size sorting, and zippers (for fine motor coordination). Our curriculum and classroom environment is set up to follow a different theme every month (ex. April - Spring, Birds, etc).

24 -35 Months

A More Structured Routine and Safe Space

We provide an emphasis on facilitating rather than directing learning, by considering the child’s level of knowledge and promoting the child’s intellectual health with uninterrupted focus time. Our classrooms are safe settings of exploration and discovery. We choose approachable and purposeful Montessori materials that are aimed at the development of fine motor skills, language development, and arts and crafts. All of our Montessori jobs are based on real-life, to help your child develop practical life skills and absorb the world around us.


Enhancing Creative And
Critical Thinking Skills

As their awareness grows, children are encouraged to observe, imagine, conceptualize, and to create, as well as to discover the natural consequences of their thought processes and actions. Perception develops, and organic learning happens throughout the day, along with their structured daily activities. 

Potty Training

Mastering potty training is a focus during our program. The bathrooms are set up to give the child as much independence as possible. There are many steps that are introduced such as undressing, sitting, wiping, dressing, flushing, and hand washing. Going through these steps every time helps to reinforce proper potty training skills.

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Language Development

In this age group, there is a huge expansion into language during this stage. Your child develops a capacity to create symbols, images, and concepts and becomes aware of himself/herself as a separate and independent person. Many parents report that their children learn big words easily and with pleasure - which results in more fun and positive interactions by being able to express their needs through words instead of through emotions. Our unique goal-based curriculum focuses on simple yet fundamental goals. One is for a child to have a mastery of phonics and letters. 

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