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HeadsUp!® Montessori Preschool is an enriched environment in which children can grow to fulfill their full potential. One goal of the program is to nurture a "heads up" child: bright, alert, motivated, independent, self-confident, and social. Yet it takes more than an outstanding environment to attain this goal; parents must be involved intimately with a child's growth. Thus, a second goal of the program is to help parents become more sensitive to and aware of their child's developmental needs, to become more knowledgeable and more self-assured, and to participate directly in their child's growth.

 36-72 months


 Multi-age classroom and the Montessori setting

Our classrooms are designed to be safe, inviting, and purposefully arranged for your child to explore curiosities and independence. Our classrooms are also scientifically designed with Montessori learning materials. These materials cover practical living/independence skills, sensorial exploration, language, and math. Our multi-age classrooms allow for mentorship and mentoring between children. Older children can teach and motivate their younger peers. In doing so, older children gain confidence, leadership skills, & re-solidify their learning.


The Montessori Method

The Montessori philosophy embraces the understanding of a child’s “absorbent mind” where from birth through early childhood, our children experience a period of intense mental activity that allows them to absorb learning from their environment without conscious effort, naturally and spontaneously.

Our students are given uninterrupted time to deeply explore and challenge themselves at their individual paces. The Montessori Method observes that children can and will develop inner discipline, self-assurance, and preference for purposeful activity.


Helping Children Develop
Self-Confidence And Motivation

Children’s socio-emotional development is essential for them to be ready for the real world. Our program is lead by teachers that guides and supports children in feeling empowered to take care of themselves and others. Going beyond following instructions, making decisions, going potty willingly, and handling their utensils, children are self-confident, motivated, and ready for the real world.


Sharing Progress And
Feedback With Parents

Our parents are part of the HeadsUp! family and crucial partners in the growth of their little ones. With so much growth and progress, we like to keep parents in the loop with children's progress through conferences that are held twice a year. Every child goes home each with a letter that describes the activities of the day. and personalized notes sent home daily.  Announcements and reminders are available via the “Procare”, a parent communication app where parents can also message or ask questions easily to the teachers. 

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