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Babies in Playroom

Infants and Toddlers

The HeadsUp! program recognizes the astonishing capabilities of very young children and offers learning games, activities, and an overall environment that encourages the development and fundamental thinking skills. These skills are the source all physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development.

6 weeks - 11 months & 12 - 23 months

Toddler Playing

Designed For Your Baby’s
Safety And Security

In the school, surrounded by tall fences and tucked away from view, children are watched over attentively by caring professionals.  Infants can explore inside and out, in an environment designed for them to play in safety and grow in confidence. Upstream Learning is a safe and inspiring environment for your child. Teachers tailor learning activities to suit the pace and needs of each child. Your child thrives with more attention and special care. The focus is on them as an individual, as well as the fun of a collaborative class.

Small Classes for Dedicated Attention 

With the ratio of 3:1 for Infants and 4:1 for Toddlers, our goal is to make sure each child has plenty of personalized care. We treat every child as an individual, and thanks to our small class size, we can look after their specific needs and give them the appropriate amount of attention, affection, comfort, love, and the utmost care.


Diverse, Fun Development Activities For Your Child

By watching and listening, infants and toddlers begin to copy and participate. We help your child build pre-language skills and crucial motor skills with diverse and stimulating daily activities.  Counting, sorting, patterning, letter recognition, and phonetic awareness are built into the curriculum’s varied activities. Delving into each immersive learning experience means your child is already absorbing different skills. 

Learning Self-Help Skills And
Building New Confidence

With growing motor skills, children are encouraged to begin to care for and express themselves. They learn to wash, eat, put their toys away. They can let teachers know when their diaper needs changing, through gestures, baby signing, and simple words. Our patient and caring team give your child every opportunity to build their newfound independence and confidence.

Toddler with Wooden Toys
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