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The Montessori Difference

You’ve heard of Montessori schools in passing, but have you ever stopped to explore this innovative form of education? Before sending your child off to our private preschool, we feel it’s best for parents to learn more about this effective pedagogical mode.

Montessori schools emphasize learning through all five senses, not just listening, watching, and reading. Our students are granted the opportunity to learn at their own pace, according to their own interests. Every day, your child will engage in a series of activities that peak their interests, rather than following a static lesson plan.

We strive to create an environment that embraces the principles of a Montessori school approach. Our instructors feel that learning should be an exciting process of discovery, which ultimately leads to concentration, motivation, and self-discipline. Keeping this in mind, our private school curriculum take on an entirely different approach to education than standard private and Catholic institutions.


Dr. Maria Montessori was an Italian physician, educator, philosopher, and humanitarian. Not only was she the first woman to graduate from the University of Rome La Sapienza Medical School, but she’s also recognized as the very first female doctor in Italy. Above all else, Dr. Montessori made major contributions to the world of childhood education.

Dr. Maria Montessori was quoted as saying, “education is a natural process carried out by the human individual, and is acquired not by listening to words, but by experiences in the environment.” Keeping this in mind, our Montessori school provides all students with a wide variety of materials that are used to direct the interests of the individual and to nurture development.

What is Montessori? 


For more than a century now, the child-focused approach that Dr. Maria Montessori, an Italian physician, developed for educating children has been transforming schools around the globe.

As soon as you enter a classroom, you know that something different is afoot. Montessori classrooms are immediately recognizable. You will see children working independently and in groups, often with specially designed learning materials; deeply engaged in their work; and respectful of themselves and their surroundings.

The Montessori Method fosters rigorous, self-motivated growth for children and adolescents in all areas of their development—cognitive, emotional, social, and physical.

The Benefits of Montessori Education

  • Each child is valued as a unique individual.

  • Beginning at an early age, Montessori nurtures order, concentration, and independence.

  • Students are part of a close, caring community. The multi-age classroom—typically spanning 3 years—re-creates a family structure. 

  • Montessori students enjoy freedom within limits. 

  • Students are supported in becoming active seekers of knowledge. Teachers provide environments where students have the freedom and the tools to pursue answers to their own questions. 

  • Self-correction and self-assessment are an integral part of the Montessori classroom approach.

  • Montessori supports social-emotional skills. Contemporary research supports the 100-year-old Montessori Method's effectiveness, indicating that children who learn in Montessori classrooms demonstrate stronger social-emotional skills in many areas than children in more traditional environments

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